Best Delta Shower Heads


58469-SS-PK 5-Spray In2ition 2-In-1

Delta is one of the big name brands in terms of shower heads (and other fixtures) for a reason. Many of their products are high quality or interesting in a number of ways.

This list was pretty hard to narrow down, mostly because there were a lot of similarly good options to choose from. Hopefully the list will make sense once I’ve laid out my basic criteria for picking these items below.

If you don’t have time for that though, here’s my top pick:

Top 10 Delta Shower Heads Reviews

1. 58469-SS-PK 5-Spray In2ition

The best of the best.

I don’t normally like combo (or dual, or two in one, whatever you prefer to call them) styles. They’re usually pretty clunky, take up a bit too much space, and are all-around generally not as good as advertised.

That should clue you in to how much I like this one when I say it’s one of my favorite shower heads. From any brand, in any category, this one sits at or near the top.

It sidesteps all the design issues most others have by having the handheld portion of the combo shower head not take up any more space than the normal fixed unit would. It just magnetically snaps into the base, and can be snapped on or off at will.

This alone makes it cool, but it’s also just a really good product.

Five settings: normal spray, fast massage (doubles as a jet function for cleaning), slow massage, a combo of the spray and massage, and the ability to pause water flow when needed - always a plus in my book. It has a lot of applications: from allowing shower shaving to be less cumbersome to room for navy showers if it ever becomes a necessity, due to a severe drought or something; and high quality materials.

Stainless steel, rubber touch clean nozzles, a six foot hose, and a selection of nice finishes round out the package.

It’s fairly expensive, to be sure, clocking in at over $200, but it’s well worth it (and comes down to a bit over $100 per unit, which is a reasonable price for quality when you break it down that way). Rationalization is your friend.

2. 57740 Single-Spray Touch Clean

Small, but mighty.

Rain shower heads are kind of a “love ‘em or hate ‘em” sort of thing. They provide a very specific shower experience with no variation allowed: it will drip water on your head from above at roughly the flow of gravity in a pretty dense coverage, and that’s about it.

Some swear by them, and it’s easy to see why. They can be pretty low profile and out of the way (especially ceiling mounted models), they don’t splash as much as other brands, and they provide a soothing, calm, quiet showering experience that many adore.

As far as rainfall Delta shower heads go, this one is great. It has a relatively small face (8 inches, where the norm is around 10 to 12), but makes up for it by having very densely clustered nozzles: 144 of them fit onto the 8 inch square.

These silicone nozzles provide a great drench without requiring you to have an abnormally large or wide shower like some of the larger or more rectangular ones do, making this a great option for lovers of this kind of shower head.

That said, it probably won’t change your mind if you’re predisposed to dislike this kind of shower, especially at the over $200 price tag. I wholeheartedly recommend it if you like this type, but give it a pass if you don’t or aren’t sure whether you’ll like it (returning products like this can sometimes be tricky).

3. 58467-SS 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1

Another In2ition, potentially better than our winner.

While a downgrade in one specific regard: settings (it lacks the “slow massage” setting, but is otherwise the same), this one makes a strong case for itself in terms of design, depending on your preference.

The longer, wand-like handheld portion is great for rinsing, and it could be argued that the two separated faces are better at keeping your body wet over the horseshoe shape of the first one.

Its lower price (by about $20) also makes a strong case for it.

In the end, I went with the first Delta In2ition for a combination of its aesthetics and extra setting, but if neither of those matter to you, or you prefer the look of this one (it’s all subjective, after all) then you can’t go wrong here either.

4. RP34355RB 3-Spray Touch Clean

One of the most stylish Delta shower heads I’ve seen.

This is pretty basic overall, but still good. It comes with three settings: drench, full body spray, and massage, and has the relatively standard rubber touch clean nozzles on its face.

While made of plastic, it’s a high quality kind, and not really noticeable due to its assortment of very nice finishes. The above (Venetian Bronze) is my favorite, but it also comes in Aged Pewter, Champagne Bronze, Brass, Polished Brass, Stainless, plain Chrome, and a combo of the Chrome and Polished Brass.

This one makes it on here purely due to aesthetics, but doesn’t by any means fall down on the job as a shower head either. It will cost you upwards of $50, but I think it’s more than worth it for what you’re getting.

5. 58470-RB 4-Spray H2Okinetic In2ition 2-in-1

Our final look at this line today.

This one sits a bit lower due to its weird design. In a normal shower, it’s quite underwhelming. The small number of very large, widely spaced holes leaves the shower feeling unsatisfying, with most of the sprays not even touching your body or just glancing your arms and sides.

It has the same settings as the other 4 sprays (fast massage, full body spray, combo of the two, and pause), which seems like it makes it pretty bad.

So why is it here?

In essence, because it shines in one particular shower type: stand alone showers. You know: the kind that is more like a closet you can stand in, with room for only one person, and a shower inside.

In one of those this thing is LOVELY. The water bounces almost perfectly off the walls to envelop you from every direction.

I’m not sure if it was designed that way on purpose (its blocky design certainly doesn’t make it seem that way), but either way the results can’t be denied.

It ends up the middle ground in price between the two In2itions, and falls lower on this list because it’s only good in one circumstance, but if you happen to own that kind of shower: this thing is the perfect product around.

6. 75760 7-Spray Massage

A fairly standard, but very good Delta shower head.

This is sort of your quintessential traditional unit. Fixed in place, plastic with a chrome finish, touch clean nozzles, and seven settings.

The settings hit a pretty nice range over all. They include: a full body spray, fast massage, a combo of the two, a “rain” function (in a traditional unit, it’s more like a lower pressure, higher flow spray), a drench setting, and combo of drench and full.

Not bad, and gives a lot of variety depending on what you need.

Not going to blow you away, but absolutely excellent for the under $50 price tag, and a perfect choice for anyone who just wants a normal, non-specialized product for their bathroom.

7. 52685-PK Single-Spray

A great, cheap rainfall type.

This is perfect for what it is. Unlike the first Delta rainfall shower head I covered, this one is great to try and see if you like this kind of shower. For under $30, you get a 2.5 GPM, stainless steel rain-can that, while having a small face (at 4 inches) will give you a great indicator of what that kind of shower is like.

The adjustable arm is always nice (it locks in place when you’re done adjusting, so you don’t have to worry about it bobbing around), and means it can account for a mixed shower where people might be different heights.

Give this one a second look if you want to try something new.

8. 52636-SS-PK Universal Showering Components

Another fairly standard fixed Delta shower head.

This one’s main difference form most of these others is that it’s a water-saving shower head, having a 2.0 GPM flow (using 20% less water than other types).

For all that it still has five solid settings: full body spray (or full body with massage), drench, massage, or a combo of drench and full body.

High quality plastic and touch clean nozzles finish off the under $50 package, making it a good, if pedestrian offering.

9. 75509-CP 5-Spray H2Okinetic

A good mid-range unit.

This is a pretty basic handheld, but it still checks out. The H20Kinetic technology (shared by a few other Delta shower heads we’ve covered today) is the centerpiece.

What this does in all of these products is aerate the droplets. They come out bigger, feel like more water than there really is, and the droplets stay warm longer, leading to a more comfortable shower.

In combination with its Water Sense certification (it’s another 2.0 GPM product) this means it USES less water but doesn’t particularly FEEL like it.

It has 9 spray settings (though really only five, the standard you’d expect plus combinations of them), and is made of high grade plastic that is surprisingly sturdy, and has a no slip grip (surprisingly uncommon among handheld shower heads).

For the under $50 price tag, you could do a whole lot worse.

10. 52650-PK Single-Spray

As basic as possible, but that’s not necessarily bad.

As you might imagine, not a whole lot of room for different settings here. This is designed for a high flow, high pressure blast, not unlike the jet function of many other models.

Its only other main function is it can be paused by flipping that little nozzle there to save water.

It’s not much, but it’s made of solid brass (assuring it lasts a long time), and costs you under $30, so if you need a cheap unit (or a spare one for travel, it’s small enough to fit in a purse or pocket even) this isn’t a bad choice at all.


58469-SS-PK 5-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Handheld

The top 7 Delta items here I’d unequivocally recommend to anyone that can afford them. They’re all great, and the only mitigating factor might be your budget steering you away from one or another. Like I said before, the 5 Spray in2ition is one of my favorite shower heads I’ve ever looked at, and if you can afford it I highly recommend it.

For other selections:

 You can choose from these items.

How Do I Choose?

There are three main things you should look at, plus a bonus: construction, design, price, and aesthetics.


Standard for any shower head is construction of either high grade plastic or stainless steel, with either plastic or rubber for the nozzles. You should be able to simply wipe the nozzles with a finger and get them clean.

Rarer are brass units, which can be nice and very sturdy, but it should be noted that they need to be cleaned properly and regularly to avoid them corroding.


You should have a good idea of what KIND of shower head you want before you start looking. Traditional ones are the most common, somewhat bell shaped with a bunch of nozzles that fire water at an angle from slightly above.

But if you prefer a rainfall shower (water dripping from directly above), need a handheld (on a hose and, well, held in your hand) or some kind of combo or specialty models, you should narrow down your options; Delta has pretty much every kind available except ones with LEDs on them.

I’ve tried to put a variety on here as much as possible, while still sticking to the optimum options.


Delta, being a major brand, runs the full range of pricing, having products ranging from under $30 to over $250 (and nearing $300), Make note of your budget before purchasing; there are really good products at any price range, it’s just the more unique or specialized (like rainfall or combo shower heads) they get, the more the price rises.

In general, traditional fixed units are the cheapest, followed by standard handhelds, with combo variant and rainfall styles vying for the top spot (though rainfall shower heads can get ludicrously expensive, so they ultimately “win” that race).


Completely subjective, but I judge somewhat by looks too. Where two units are identical in function, I’ll give the spot to the one I think looks nicer.

While your bathroom isn’t the MOST public part of your home, it’s always nice for it to look good both for your own satisfaction or that of any guests you may have.

Just take note that there could be some very good shower heads left off just because I didn’t have enough room to include them and I thought a similar one looked nicer.