13 Best Handheld Shower Heads – Reviews and Buying Guide


Are you tired of twisting and turning under your shower head in the hopes of getting the water to hit you in all the right spots?

With traditional wall-mounted models, you can only make a few adjustments. This might leave you climbing out of the bathroom with patches or dried body wash on your skin or shampoo stuck in your head.

Hand held nozzle are a much better option for those who want to clean themselves quickly and with minimal effort. As this model detaches from the wall and has a long cord, you can rinse each part of your body or target sore muscles with a massage setting with ease.

Some models even come with a hose long enough for cleaning your entire bathroom, giving your baby a bath or cleaning your pets.

Out of all the hand held nozzle on the market, none can beat the Hansgrohe 27160821 Raindance Showerpipe, which is a combo unit that comes with a pipe that connects the model unit and the rainfall model to your water system.

A holder lets you keep the model on the wall and adjust the angle of the model or move it further up or down the wall. Once you look at some of the other model on the market, you’ll see why this Hansgrohe model is worth its price.

How to Choose The Right One?

Combo Units

Installing a combo unit in your bathroom gives you all the benefits of two toilet shower in one. The ones that rank highest on our list come with a rain shower head as well as a model. You’ll also find combo units that come with a smaller or larger model on top.


The amount of time it takes to install the model may also play a role in which one you buy, especially if you want to install it yourself. Respected manufacturers will include easy to follow instructions in the box and let you know ahead of time whether you need a contractor to install it.

Flexible vs. Straight Hose

It that comes with a flexible hose is much easier to use than one that comes with a straight, flat or standard hose. Standard hoses will limit how you can use the hose. Flexible hoses will move all around it and won’t kink or tangle.

Hose Length

Make sure that the model you buy comes with a hose that is long enough to work in your bathroom. If the hose is too short, you may feel trapped in the bathroom and no better than you did with your old model. A longer hose will let you stand and use the hose anywhere you want in your bathroom.


While combo units come with some type of pipe or rod that will support the multiple toilet shower, individual model should come with some type of bracket or holder. This holder will keep it in place when you’re not using it. Some companies make adjustable brackets that you can move to use the model as it sits against the wall.


Depending on how you use it and what you do in the tub, you may want to look for a model with multiple built-in settings. A massaging or pulsating setting sends out water in a concentrated stream and at a higher pressure point that can remove stress and relieve tension in your body. You may prefer a simpler setting when getting ready in the morning.

Changing Settings

Changing the settings on most model is as easy as turning the spray face. Some companies like Waterpik add images to the front that help you identify the different settings when selecting the one that you want to use.

Self-Cleaning Features

It that come with self-cleaning features are much easier to use. These nozzle are resistant to the mineral buildup that often occurs with hard water. Some will even use the pressure of the water coming through the model to clean those nozzles.


The finish on a hand held model isn’t as important to all shoppers, but you’ll likely want to find one that matches back to the other finishes in the room. MOEN and other companies make model that will match other bathroom fixtures from the same product line too.

Top Seller Models

Hansgrohe 27160821 Raindance

1. Hansgrohe 27160821 Raindance (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This Hansgrohe 27160821 Raindance Showerpipe is the best unit that we found as well as one of the top model combo units.

Instead of just giving you a hand-held model, Hansgrohe gives you a larger rain shower head that sits on top of a pipe that supports both heads and mounts onto a wall.

The three built-in settings will incorporate air into the water droplets to make you feel like you use more water than you actually use.

While the rain shower head and pipe are two nice features of this combo set, this model is just as strong. This unit comes with a 63-inch hose that is lightweight and flexible, and this hose is long enough to reach your lower body and feet as well as the opposite side.

The included holder lets you mount and use the model on your wall and adjust the spray or flow of the water from that unit.



Rohl 1311APC Merchandise Pak Classic

2. Rohl 1311APC Merchandise Pak Classic (Check Price on Amazon.com)

If you have low water pressure, or you just want to reduce the amount of water that you waste in the bathroom, you’ll appreciate this Rohl 1311APC Merchandise Pak Classic Handshower Set in Polished Chrome.

It uses only 2.5 gallons of water per minute, which is less than you already use, but it releases that water at a higher pressure to help you feel cleaner.

The whole set comes in a polished chrome finish that gives it a slightly modern feel.

Included in this set is a brass rail with the same polished chrome finish, which you mount on the wall. A knob on the side of the rail turns the water on and off and also lets you adjust the temperature of the water.

The three-inch hand held model  attaches to this rail and can move up and down the rail as needed, and it comes with a long hose that connects back to your water supply.



GROHE Euphoria 25 In. Retro-Fit 1-Spray

3. GROHE Euphoria 25 In. Retro-Fit 1-Spray (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This GROHE Euphoria 25 In. Retro-Fit 1-Spray Bundle is another combo kit that lets you enjoy the feel of a rain shower head and the convenience of a hand-held model at the same time.

The included pipe keeps the model right in the center, though you can also slide this unit up and down the pipe, and it supports the larger model on the top.

A diverter knob near the center of the pipe moves the water from one head to the other.

The StarLight finish designed by GROHE ensures that this model combo retains its beautiful look because this finish is resistant to both scratches and rust.

Two built-in features limit the temperature of the water to prevent burning and scalding and keep the water coming out at a consistent level and pressure.

Small nozzles on the model end clean themselves automatically as water flows through each one.



Delta Faucet 51708-RB Universal 

4. Delta Faucet 51708-RB Universal (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Do you wish there was some way to combine a model with a more traditional model? This Delta Faucet 51708-RB Universal Showering Components Slide Bar Hand gives you the benefits of both those model


It comes with a slide bar that acts like a pipe and serves as a mount to keep the head at the perfect height for bathing under it.

If you share a bathroom with shorter and taller people, you will all love that this bar lets you slide the model to adjust the height for each individual user.

It has a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate and will work with the existing water pressure in your home without causing your water bills to rise.

Available in a Venetian bronze finish, it has six different spray settings, including a massaging spray and a drenching spray, as well as a pause setting that will actually pause the flow of water.



GROHE Powerandsoul 25 In

5. GROHE Powerandsoul 25 In. (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Whether you prefer a lighter spray that will help you cool down on a hot day, or you want a pulsating setting that will ease sore muscles, this GROHE Powerandsoul 25 In. Retro-Fit 2-Function Bundle is a good choice for your bathroom.

The set comes with a pipe that has an arm on top, which extends from the wall to support the overhead model and a hand-held model that you can use on or off that pipe.

Its StarLight finish will look just as great after hundreds of models because it keeps all components from rusting.

A diverter switch on the pipe lets you tell the bundle where you want the water to go and which of the model you want to use.

The swivel arm on the top can remain in a fixed position or swing out at a 45-degree angle to let the water cascade down and over you.



Delta Faucet 51704-SS

6. Delta Faucet 51704-SS (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With this Delta Faucet 51704-SS Universal Showering Components Slide Bar in your shower, you get a hand model that you use in different ways.

You can leave that unit attached to the slide bar and simply slide it along the bar to reach the proper height and position. It will also detach from that bar to let you move it across your body.

The brilliant stainless finish on this model is sure to catch the eye, and that finish is resistant to common household problems like scratching or rusting.

As this is part of a product line from Delta, you’ll find other pieces that match back to it like faucets for your sink and tub.

It comes with a flexible hose that is nearly three-feet long, though you may find that you need to give the hose some time before it becomes as flexible as you would like.





7. MOEN 3669EPBN (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Though you might buy this MOEN 3669EPBN because you love the way it looks, this is an investment that will pay off because this model may just last for the life of your shower.

It has a larger spray face and a small knob that makes it easy to turn that face to select a different mode.

The four spray modes will use the water pressure of your home to help you relax or relieve sore muscles and joints.

The included flexible hose measures 69-inches long and lets you reach more areas, but this hose uses interlocking spirals that keep it from tangling.

All of the built-in spray modes use less water to help you save on your water bills. Th brushed nickel finish of this hand-held model has a nice look, but you can opt for a different finish if you prefer.



MOEN 26100srn Engage Magnetix 2.5 GPM

8. MOEN 26100srn Engage Magnetix 2.5 GPM (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With this MOEN 26100srn Engage Magnetix 2.5 GPM Package, you can use just 2.5 gallons of water every minute that you stay in the bathroom and still get all the high water pressure that you want.

This Old House named this package one of the top 100 best new products on the market in 2015, but it became even more popular once people started installing it in their homes.

It comes in a brushed nickel finish that is resistant to water spots, fingerprints and other spots.

If you dislike using hand-held because you always need to take the time to slide it back into the bracket or holder, you’ll love that this model comes with a magnetic docking station that saves you some time.

As long as you move the head anywhere close to the docking station, the magnets will line up and pull it back into place.



Waterpik SM-653CG Original 

9. Waterpik SM-653CG Original (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The Waterpik SM-653CG Original Massage is easy and convenient to use because it comes with drawings of each setting right around the edges of the spray face.

Whether you want to use the Original Massage setting designed by Waterpik or one of the other five settings, you simply turn the face to select the right one.

It comes with a five-foot long flexible hose that you can wash with clean water and a bracket that holds the model.

OptiFLOW technology designed by Waterpik increases the efficiency of this model and lets you use more water pressure without wasting water.

Carefully designed grooves in the handle let you wrap your hand around the model and keep your hand on the handle as you take a bath. Both the hand-held model and the bracket come in a sleek chrome finish.



Delta Faucet 75700

10. Delta Faucet 75700 (Check For Amazon.com)

Another model that comes in a chrome finish is this Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components 7-Setting, which you can use as-is or with other products from Delta.

It is available in two different flow rates that let you select between using two or 2.5 gallons every minute. The bracket that comes with this model is wall-mounted and lets you stand underneath the head.

With seven spray modes to choose from like soft rain spray or drenching spray, it will help you relax in the lap of luxury and in complete comfort.

You can even twist and turn the spray face in different directions to try out those sprays before finding the one that is best for you.

With a built-in pause feature, you can even pause the flow to avoid wasting water while shaving or doing other things in the bathroom that do not require water.




HotelSpa 7-setting AquaCare Series Spiral

11. HotelSpa 7-setting AquaCare Series Spiral (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Have you ever come home from vacation and found yourself dreaming about the bathroom in your hotel room?

With the HotelSpa 7-setting AquaCare Series Spiral  Head Luxury Convenience Package, you can recreate the feel of those expensive hotel rooms in your own bathroom.

It comes with a wall-mounted bracket that lets you use it as a traditional model and a long hose that lets you remove it from the wall.

A small loop extends over the edge of it and lets you move the head to choose from one of seven different settings.

On the handle of the model is a flow switch that lets you increase or decrease the flow of water, which will also change the water pressure.

With a four-inch surface and jets that you can rub clean with your hands, it is just as easy to clean as it is to use.



ShowerMaxx Premium 6 Spray Settings

12. ShowerMaxx Premium 6 Spray Settings (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Many hand-held nozzle come with a shorter hose that doesn’t reach all the areas you need it to reach, but this ShowerMaxx Premium 6 Spray Settings comes with an extra-long hose that can reach every square inch of your shower.

It has three settings that you can use, including a high-pressure and a massage setting. With its six spray settings, including a rainfall and a power massage, you can choose the amount of water that you want to use too.

The silicon jet nozzles used on this model are self-cleaning and will actually clean themselves and remove trapped debris via the water that you use in the toilet.

As a high-pressure model, his ShowerMaxx models uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. It also comes with a built-in filter option that will remove some of the impurities in your water supply.



KES LP150 Bathroom

13. KES LP150 Bathroom (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Most hand-held model look so much alike that you have a hard time determining who made which model, but this KES LP150 Bathroom has a completely unique design that puts the model into a more compact design that you can hold in one hand.

It looks like a small metal pipe or rod, but if you look closer, you’ll see all the durable built-in nozzles. Those nozzles force out more water at a higher rate of pressure.

Designed to work with most shower systems, it comes with universal connection that you can use to attach the head to your existing hose.

It also comes with a new hose that you can use as a replacement, which is lightweight and flexible. KES made the body of the model from a type of stainless steel that will never rust from the water in your toilet.



Our Winner is…

Hansgrohe 27160821

While there are cheaper alternatives on the market, we choose the Hansgrohe 27160821 (Check Price on Amazon.com), which is well worth the cost.

The Raindance model on the top acts like a rain shower head to help you relax in a finer or thicker mist, but the pipe that comes with this set also supports a hand-held unit. An adjustable holder on the pipe holds the model in place and lets you change the angle and location of the unit.

Three built-in spray modes let you choose the amount of water that you want to use in the bathroom and the amount of pressure produced by the shower head.

With a 63-inch flexible hose included, you can move the hand-held model away from one wall to reach other areas of your tub. Hansgrohe offers this model combo unit in a chrome or brushed nickel finish.