13 Best High Pressure Shower Heads – Reviews and Buying Guide


A home’s water pressure can vary based on the temperature of the water, the shower head, whether the nozzles have any build up and even the pipes and overall plumbing system. If you find yourself standing in your shower and dealing with what seems like a trickle of water, it may be time to look for a new model. This models will give you all the intense water pressure that you need.

The best of all these modelsis the KOHLER K-T18488-4-CP Symbol Rite-Temp Balancing Bath and Shower Faucet Trim Set. This combo set comes with a trim, faucet and it provides you with the right temperature and the right pressure. It easily performs better than any other on the market, though you may want to check out some other options.

How to Choose Which One Is The Best?

Restrictor Plate

NASCAR drivers use restrictor plates on their vehicles to restrict the flow of air that reaches the engine, which keeps their cars from overheating. Many model use a similar plate or valve. This gives you the option of adjusting the pressure of the water that comes from that head.

Combo Unit vs. Individual Head

If you want to completely renovate your bathroom and give it a fresh look, you should purchase a combo unit that comes with this model as well as a faucet and a trim piece. The trim piece should include a handle that changes the water temperature and strength of the water. If you like the handle and faucet you already have, you can pick out a new individual model.

Swiveling Head

Many people dislike a standard model because once you install one, you can never move it. Buying a swiveling model lets everyone in your house feel comfortable while in the shower because they can change the angle it to make it work better for them. The best swiveling models have some type of ball joint inside that won’t break off the head.


If you want to move it even more, opt for a hand-held model. It attach to the plumbing system and come with a bracket or holder that you can use for keeping the head on the wall. A long hose attached to one end lets you move that model around your body or around the shower.

Filter Systems

Those who live in homes with hard water often have dry skin or dry hair. This occurs because of the mineral deposits found in that water supply. It has its own filter system, you can remove those minerals from the water and watch as your hair and skin becomes softer.


When you look closer at the model, you’ll notice small nozzles across the surface, which is what manufacturers refer to as the spray face. To achieve a cleaner feeling, you’ll want a model with more nozzles. A larger number of nozzles can also increase your water pressure.


You may want a toilet shower because you want to increase the water in your bathroom. Look for models that have different settings. This gives you the chance to use more or less each time that you shower.

Spray Settings

Unless you always use the same exact setting every time you hop in the shower, you’ll want a model that comes with multiple spray settings. These settings can range from a gentle mist to a powerful pulse setting that will leave you feeling like you just had a massage.


The best models will use mainly metal materials that are resistant to water damage. Though you can save money with one that uses some plastic components, these models may need replacing fairly quickly.

Top Seller Models

KOHLER K-T18488-4-CP Symbol Rite-Temp

1. KOHLER K-T18488-4-CP Symbol Rite-Temp (Check Price on Amazon.com)

First on our list of the model is this KOHLER K-T18488-4-CP Symbol Rite-Temp Balancing Bath and Shower Faucet Trim Set, which took the top spot because it comes with more than just a shower head.

The set includes a trim piece that features a handle you’ll use for changing the strength and temperature of the water as well as a button for turning on.

This set also comes with a faucet in the same matching polished chrome finish as the other two pieces.

The finish that KOHLER uses is resistant to both scratches and rust and will last up to twice as long as the finish found on other models. Its spray face features the MasterClean system that KOHLER created, which keeps the nozzles on the face free from calcium, lime build up and other common problems.

This set also uses Rite-Temp technology to ensure that the water comes out at the right temperature, and you can even set a maximum limit on that temperature too.


Speakman SM-1410-P Neo Anystream

2. Speakman SM-1410-P Neo Anystream (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Speakman created this SM-1410-P Neo Anystream for those who hate the water pressure in their homes.

The Anystream has a cartridge inside that actually balances the water flowing through to let you enjoy a higher pressure and a more forceful stream of water.

As the pressure builds up, that cartridge will even slow down the stream to keep the water from injuring you or a loved one.

Designed to work with the Neo line of bathroom products from Speakman, it comes with a trim piece that has a diverter button that you can press to turn on the model and turn off the faucet and a handle for changing the temperature.

A temperature limit stop lets you set a maximum limit for the water without worrying that the water might come out scalding hot.

Speakmam even included a scald prevention system inside the model, which will identify burning hot water and keep that water from coming out of it.


KOHLER K-T14420-4-CP Purist Rite-Temp

3. KOHLER K-T14420-4-CP Purist Rite-Temp (Check Price on Amazon.com)

If you like clean lines and modern pieces, you’ll like this KOHLER K-T14420-4-CP Purist Rite-Temp Balancing Bath and Shower Faucet Trim, which matches the Purist line of bathroom products from KOHLER.

An included trim piece has a sleek handle that you turn to increase the pressure and temperature of the water and a button that diverts the stream of water from the faucet to the model.

Its polished chrome finish works with its modern look and will last twice as long or more as other finishes will.

With its Rite-Temp technology, you’ll never burn yourself with hot water again because this feature will regulate the temperature and keep it within three degrees of the max limit that you set.

It has a trim piece that installs on the wall with an attached arm that brings the modelout from the wall. This arm has a swiveling design that lets you change the angle of the model to change how the water reaches you.


Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream

4. Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream (Check Price on Amazon.com)

If you always wanted the same type of model in your home that you used in an upscale hotel room, you will love this Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream Adjustable, which mimics that design.

It has an amazing five built-in jets that work with the 50 streams inside to provide you with the best shower of your life.

You can also use the eight pulsating and massaging sprays to ease tension and help your muscles feel better than ever.

Though made from plastic instead of metal, it will last longer than you might expect, and it comes in a chrome finish that makes it look exactly like the metal used by other manufacturers.

The nozzles located on the spray face have a self-cleaning design that reduces the frequency you need to clean because those nozzles will clean themselves.

Designed to work with the same connections found in American bathrooms, this Anystream model has a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Speakman.


YOO.MEE Multi-functions

5. YOO.MEE Multi-functions (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With this YOO.MEE Multi-functions, you can use less water each time you bathe and still enjoy all the high pressure that you want.

Its 2XP Turbo feature lets it increase up to two times or more without using as much water as similar models do.

As the water enters the model from the pipe, it moves through a series of components that amp up the water and make it come out at a faster and more powerful rate.

As a hand-held model, you can pull this one right off the wall and use it to reduce pain or stiffness in your lower back and combat any other aches and pains that you might have.

It comes with several spray settings that you can easily access while holding the head too, and you can just turn the spray face to reach a different setting.

It comes with a hose, tape for sealing the head to block leaks and a bracket.



WantBa 6 Inches (57Jets) Massage Rainfall

6. WantBa 6 Inches (57Jets) Massage Rainfall (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This WantBa 6 Inches (57Jets) Massage Rainfall Disassembly Capacity  is one of the most powerful rain models that you might ever have the pleasure of using.

Most people think of this model as having a light mist, but it increases your water pressure to let you enjoy the feeling of a more serious rainstorm.

At six-inches across, it has an oversize design that works well with the 57 jets to help you feel cleaner and more refreshed.

Though the nozzles on the spray face can develop clogs, the whole model comes apart for soaking and cleaning those nozzles, which is something you may need to do once a month. The self-cleaning design of the nozzles does a good job of fighting back against mineral build up.

It is similar to those used in hotels and will use only 2.5 gallons of water each minute you leave the head on.


WantBa 3.5" High Pressure 5 Setting

7. WantBa 3.5″ 5 Setting (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Not everyone loves rain shower heads, which is why WantBa also makes the WantBa 3.5″ 5 Setting Massage.

It increases the water pressure so much that you can feel that pressure in every muscle and joint.

The width of its stream ranges from four-inches to 11-inches based on how close you stand to the spray face.

It increases water pressure and lets you select from five different spray modes that include massage, rainfall and mist, but it also has combo modes that let you enjoy a light mist that washes over your body at the same time that you use a massage setting on a sore muscle.

A metal ball located on the top of the model lets you pivot and swivel the head in different directions.

It even comes with a plastic cap that attaches to the top to keep dust from accumulating on the top and getting inside.


Aqua Elegante 3 Inch

8. Aqua Elegante 3 Inch (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With 36 nozzles evenly spaced across its spray face, this Aqua Elegante 3 Inch lets you enjoy the intense water pressure that you thought you would never have in your home.

It comes with a flow restrictor on the back that restricts the flow of water, but the included instructions show you how to remove this piece to use as much water as you want in the shower.

This will make showers with the lowest of pressures feel like an upscale spa.

Even if you have hard water, you can use this head to your benefit because of its self-cleaning spray nozzles that automatically clean themselves with the water that you use in your shower.

Though you can install it in your bathroom, it will also work as part of an outdoor shower or in a recreational vehicle.

Aqua Elegant believes in this product so much that it even gives you a five-year warranty.



Rainfall 6”

9. Rainfall 6” (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Do you love rain shower heads but feel there is no way you can use one in your bathroom because of problems with low water pressure?

This Rainfall 6” will work equally well in homes with low as it does in those with high water pressure.

Measuring six-inches wide, it has dozens of nozzles that allow the water to come out at such a high rate that you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a storm.

A restrictor piece on the model restricts the flow of water to help you save on your bills, but if you want to enjoy a higher rate of pressure, you can follow the included instructions to remove that piece.

It has an adjustable swivel ball on the top and a chrome finish.

It comes with tape for preventing leaks and a filter that you can use with the model to remove minerals and other impurities.


ZenFresh Water-Saving Ionic

10. ZenFresh Water-Saving Ionic (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Impurities in your water supply like calcium and lime can make your hair appear dry and make your skin look tough, but this ZenFresh Water-Saving Ionic Hand-Held Filtration comes with a filter specifically designed to remove those impurities from your water.

The handle on this model features one thick layer of clay balls and a second layer of charcoal, and both layers will remove most of those impurities.

After using this model few times, you may find that your skin glows and that your hair shines.

Though it does not come with its own hose, it will work with the hose you already have in your shower. The head has multiple spray settings that you can access and use with a simple twist of the spray face.

While you may not like the plastic used in its construction, the plastic is resistant to cracks and chips.


Home Papa Water Saving Ionic

11. Home Papa Water Saving Ionic (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This Home Papa Water Saving Ionic is another great option for those dealing with skin and hair problems caused by hard water.

This model ionizes the water from your own supply to filter out impurities and to get you as clean as possible.

The stream on this model is so high that you can hold it at any angle and see the water shoot all the way across the shower or up to the ceiling.

Made from ABS, it has a chrome finish that is so bright and reflective that you can actually use it as a mirror. Thirty triangles spaced across the spray face have 10 tiny holes each that create the exact flow that you need, but thismodel is mild enough for kids to use.

Home Papa guarantees that this model will never leak too.

SiFree 200% 

12. SiFree 200% (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With this SiFree 200% toilet shower, you can increase your water pressure by up to 200% and still use up to 30% less water at the same time.

It uses clear plastic in the handle, which lets you see the water as it moves across the two different filter layers.

Those filter layers let you enjoy water that looks, smells and even tastes better and also helps you restore the look of both your hair and skin.

The jets in the spray face have an anti-clog design that works with its self-cleaning feature to keep calcium and mineral deposits from clogging and possibly damaging the jets and nozzles.

A control knob located on the side of the model gives you access to three spray modes. You can choose a gentle rain mode that uses less water, a massaging mode or a combo setting that uses both.


AquaDance Premium 6-Setting 4-Inch

13. AquaDance Premium 6-Setting 4-Inch (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Though AquaDance makes a number of models, it calls this Premium 6-Setting 4-Inch one of its top 10 products.

It meets all standards in North America and goes through a variety of testing from the manufacturer to guarantee it will meet your demands.

It measures four-inches across and features soft nozzles in different sizes and shapes that can target and reach every square inch of your body.

When you want to use any of the six spray modes, including its massage or rain modes, you can use the click dial on the side to turn the face to that setting. It even has a pause mode that will slow the flow of water down to a trickle as you scrub your body or shave.

AquaDance includes a full set of instructions as well as a washer and tape for installing the model.


Our Winner is…


Our ultimate choice for those who want to make their bathrooms more stylish is the KOHLER K-T18488-4-CP Symbol (Check Price on Amazon.com), which comes with multiple pieces in a matching polished chrome finish.

Test the water before turning on the shower with the faucet, and use the trim piece to adjust the strength and temperature of the water. The trim piece even has a small button that automatically turns on the shower head.

With a maximum temperature setting, you can determine just how hot you want your water. It also uses Rite-Temp technology to ensure that the water remains within three degrees of the setting you selected.