13 Best Rain Shower Heads – Reviews and Buying Guide


Do you wish that there was an alternative to shower heads that massage, pulsate or send a large amount of water crashing over your body? With a rain toilet shower, you can enjoy the feel of a light mist that comes out of the head, which may mimic the feeling of actually standing outside in the middle of a storm.

These models typically come in round or square shapes with an arm that installs in the ceiling, but some act as panels or connect back to a complete shower system.

The ultimate models on the market today is the KOHLER K-13691-BN 14″ Contemporary Round. Its vibrant brushed nickle is suitable for most bathrooms, though you can pick from other finishes that may work better with your bathroom too.

KOHLER designed a patented Katalyst Spray Technology for this and other models that will completely drench you with water too.

How to Choose a Great Deal?


When you pick a model, make sure that you choose one that comes in a finish that matches your existing faucets and bathroom hardware. Many companies offer models in nickel, chrome, stainless steel and similar finishes. You’ll also find that some companies make model components in a plain white color.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of a model will tell you exactly how much water comes through the nozzles in a single minute. This lets you know how much water you might waste in a bathroom as well as how much water you can save. The top model will have a flow rate of between two and 2.5 gallons per minute.

Combo Units

If you like relaxing but find that these heads don’t do a great job of rinsing shampoo out of your hair and soap off your skin, you might prefer a combo unit to a traditional model. A combo unit will come with a rain toilet shower as well as a separate hand-held model. The hand-held unit comes off the wall for rinsing and cleaning.


A wall-mounted model is often best for larger showers. You’ll install it on the wall and at the height that you want.

It will have some type of arm that brings the model out from the wall for you to stand under.


If you have a smaller bathroom and want to save space, you might opt for a ceiling-mounted model. It has an arm that looks like a small pole, which brings the model down closer to your own head and body.


Another option for a smaller model is a panel. These panels mount onto the ceiling and actually sit flush with the ceiling instead of hanging down. It typically come in colors designed to blend with the paint or tile on your walls.

Water Pressure

Don’t buy or install a model without first making sure that it will work with the water pressure in your home. If you do not have enough pressure for that model, the water will come out so slowly that you may not even notice it.

Number of Nozzles

The more nozzles that a it has, the more water will come out and the more it will feel like real rain. You want to make sure that the model has at least 100 nozzles. Many companies coat or seal those nozzles with a material that is resistant to mineral deposits and hard water.

Nozzle Pattern

If the model places the nozzles around the edges only, you’ll find that the water only hits certain parts of your head and body.

The best unti feature a pattern that places those nozzles evenly across the surface to completely drench you in warm or cool water.

Top Seller Models

KOHLER K-13691-BN 14" 

1. KOHLER K-13691-BN 14″ (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The very best model that money can buy is the KOHLER K-13691-BN 14″ Contemporary Round, which measures 14-inches in size.

Available in multiple finishes, the vibrant brushed nickel finish has a more contemporary design that fits best with modern homes and bathrooms.

With its lower profile design, you can use this model as the focal point of your bathroom, and as it comes with an attached arm that installs into the ceiling, it will work in showers of different heights too.

Its spray face features a nice pattern of nozzles that allows each of those nozzles to hit a different part of your body, and the spray face has a MasterClean system that keeps the nozzles as well as the surface free from hard water and mineral deposits.

The Katalyst Spray Technology created by KOHLER also increases the water pressure and amount of water that comes through for a realistic rain experience.

This model has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons of water per minute.



Hansgrohe 10925821 Axor Starck

2. Hansgrohe 10925821 Axor Starck (Check Price on Amazon.com)

One of the best wall-mounted model is this Hansgrohe 10925821 Axor Starck which comes with a bracket that you mount to the wall and an arm that extends out from the wall to support it.

Made from solid brass, it features a brushed nickel finish on both the arm and the head. With nearly 200 nozzles evenly spaced across the surface of the model, you can experience the authentic feel of standing in the rain.

Each of those nozzles has a no-clog design that keeps the mineral deposits found in some water sources from clogging the nozzles and makes this a good model for use in homes with hard water. Hansgrohe designed an air power system to work with this.

This system uses natural air bubbles and mixes those bubbles with the water before it comes out to let thousands of water drops hit your skin, and this system also increases the size of those water drops too.


GROHE F-Series 1-Spray 20 In.

3. GROHE F-Series 1-Spray 20 In. (Check Price on Amazon.com)

When you have a smaller bathroom, or the shower in your bathroom is a little on the shorter panel, you might benefit more from a panel like this GROHE F-Series 1-Spray 20 In. Ceiling than a traditional mounted shower head.

This 20-inch panel mounts flush with the bathroom ceiling and has a rounded area filled with nozzles in a nice pattern that sits in the center of the panel.

Its StarLight finish, which GROHE claims will last the life of the model, is resistant to both tarnish and scratches.

Cleaning lime off this model is super easy because of the SpeedClean system that GROHE designed, which lets you wipe away lime build up with a cloth or your own hand.

The best feature of this model might be its DreamSpray system though.

This system uses nozzles on the spray head that the manufacturer lays out in a unique pattern that includes multiple straight lines to ensure that you experience every drop of water that comes out.


Hansgrohe 27373001

4. Hansgrohe 27373001 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

You may feel like doing a little dance every time you step underneath this Hansgrohe 27373001 Raindance E 420 AIR 2-Jet, which has two jets built inside.

Those jets allow the water from your pipes to mix with more air, which creates larger droplets and improves the overall water pressure of your home.

It comes with a function block for installation, but you will need to purchase a universal rough that fits behind your wall. When you hook tit up with two water supply lines, you can choose from two different modes.

The AIR mode creates those larger droplets and air bubbles that you want when relaxing, and the waterfall mode allows more water to come out to mimic the feel of standing under or near a waterfall.

It has a larger design that hits more of your body too and comes with an arm and function block for mounting it on any wall and at any height.


MOEN S112NL Waterhill 10" One-Function

5. MOEN S112NL Waterhill 10″ One-Function (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This MOEN S112NL Waterhill 10″ One-Function is perfect for those who want to buy today that will last in the future because this model will last a lifetime.

With a diameter of 10-inches, it will completely drench your head, shoulders and the rest of your body.

Though this model can give you the experience that you want, its smaller size also helps you save water with each bath that you take because it meets WaterSense regulations.

The self-pressurizing technology that MOEN designed adjusts the water pressure almost automatically to help you enjoy your bath more, and this technology also increases the standard water pressure of your home too.

As the water comes through at a higher pressure, it actually cleans and rinses both the interior channels and the nozzles on the outside.

The Waterhill can provide you with up to 2.5 gallons of water every single minute.



GROHE 27816000 F-Series 10"

6. GROHE 27816000 F-Series 10″ (Check Price on Amazon.com)

One problem you might have with the GROHE model higher up on our list is that it’s just too big for your bathroom, but this GROHE 27816000  F-Series 10″ has all the same features and comes in a 10-inch size that will work in even the smallest of bathrooms.

Its DreamSpray design places all the nozzles evenly across the surface of the shower head and ensures that each water drop that comes out will land on your skin. Despite its smaller size, it has 120 nozzles.

As a ceiling-mounted model, this F-Series model mounts flush with the ceiling to give you more room to move around in your bathroom.

Since it only has one setting though, which is a model setting, you may want to use it with a hand-held or another type. Its SpeedClean system lets you remove build up with a simple wipe down.


Delta 57740-SS Touch-Clean

7. Delta 57740-SS Touch-Clean (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With a stainless finish, this Delta 57740-SS Universal Showering Components Touch-Clean Raincan Assembly would look right at home in a contemporary bathroom or a more traditional model.

It comes with a small block that you affix to one wall and an arm that comes out from the block to support the spray face, which measures eight square inches in size.

You can mount and install this model at the perfect height for your whole family to use.

Unlike some showerheads that feature basic holes that the water comes through, it uses small nozzles that allow the water to come out with more force.

Those nozzles are resistant to the build up caused by lime and other minerals in a hard water supply.

As it uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute, this model from Delta is also suitable for homes that have lower or higher water pressure as well as those who want to cut down on their water bills.




8. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

With a complete shower system, you can clean and relax anytime you want, and this SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury is one of the best complete systems that you’ll find.

It comes with a mixer valve that connects to your pipes and allows you to select the temperature that you want and choose between using the model and the hand-held unit.

You also get a bracket that installs inside the wall to keep the components hidden from view.

Air energy technology uses real air to increase your water pressure, which allows more water to come out of each head and also increases the force of that water.

Thanks to the flexible hose on the hand-held model, you can move that head anywhere around the bathroom or your own body.

The included option has an arm that extends out from the wall to let you enjoy the water without feeling trapped in the bathroom.


Pulse 1019 Aqua with Chrome

9. Pulse 1019 Aqua with Chrome (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Do you love the idea of rain toilet shower but worry that you can’t use one for a simple bath before work or a night out?

With the Pulse 1019 Aqua Spa with Chrome, you get the best of both worlds because this set comes with a model as well as a hand-held model.

It comes with a long pole that you place on one wall, and this pole has a knob that lets you direct water between the two models.

A long hose moves from the hand-held model to the shower head to connect the two and provide both heads with all the water that you need.

It has a round shape and mounts onto the wall above your head, while the hand-held model mounts nearby.

You can use the hand-held model when you need to take a quick bath and use it for relaxing.


Delta 52684 Universal with 3 Setting H2OKinetic

10. Delta 52684 Universal with 3 Setting H2OKinetic (Check Price on Amazon.com)

This Delta 52684 Universal Showering Components with 3 Setting H2OKinetic Square is one of the only model on the market that mounts onto a bathroom wall at an angle, which changes the way the spray hits you and creates a more realistic feeling.

Another unique feature of this model is that it has nozzles of different shapes and sizes that allow water to stream out in different ways in the same way that storms produce different types of droplets.

At just 3.5-inches long, this is also one of the smallest and most compact models too.

Those nozzles have a touch-clean design that lets you use your hand or any type of cloth to clean it without using any chemicals.

It also has multiple settings that include a full body spray that drenches you with water and a kinetic spray that mixes air into the water.



SR SUN RISE Luxury 12-Inch Large Square

11. SR SUN RISE Luxury 12-Inch Large Square (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Treating yourself to a good product doesn’t necessarily cost as much as you might think because there are affordable options like this SR SUN RISE Luxury 12-Inch Large Square Stainless Steel on the market.

Though it is a 12-inch model like most ceiling-mounted model, this one is a wall-mounted head that comes with an arm that brings the head out from the wall.

Thanks to its swivel ball construction, you can adjust the entire model while standing beneath it.

SR SUN RISE used 10 different layers of chrome on the surface, which makes it more durable and resistant to corrosion as water flows over and out of it.

The more than 60 nozzles on the model use silicon gel, which is resistant to lime build up and is easier to clean. It also uses air technology to give you more water pressure than you currently have.


Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches

12. Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Though this Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches is one of the most inexpensive models on the market, it’s also one of the largest.

At 20-inches across and 20-inches wide, it is so large that it can accommodate two people at the same time.

It comes with a ceiling mount as well as four hooks that ensure it never comes loose and that the modelwill never fall off the ceiling.

The construction used on this model includes a solid brass base and multiple layers of chrome on top.

Those chrome layers not only add a nice finish to the model but also protect it from the rust that can set it because of its constant exposure to water.

It also has dozens of larger nozzles that use up to two gallons of water per minute.


WaterPoint 8 Inch

13. WaterPoint 8 Inch (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The most affordable model that you’ll find is the WaterPoint 8 Inch, which uses a type of ABS plastic that brings the price down.

As plastic alone isn’t strong enough for regular modelss, the manufacturer added a chrome plating that is resistant to corrosion and will keep lime scale from building up.

A swivel ball made from brass added into the arm allows you to swivel and pivot this shower head to any direction that you would like.

Small nozzles in a round pattern spread out from the center of the model to the very edges, which allows the water to come out more evenly.

The air intake system that WaterPoint used actually injects air into the water from your pipes, which increases the size of the water droplets and lets you drench yourself without wasting a lot of water.

WaterPoint also gives you a flow restrictor that restricts the flow of water.



Our Winner is…

KOHLER K-13691-BN 14"

The best way to feel like you’re actually in the rain is with the KOHLER K-13691-BN 14″ (Check Price on Amazon.com).

It has a spray face with a patented coating that keeps mineral deposits from clogging the nozzles and makes the head easier to clean. Another type of technology designed by KOHLER will let you enjoy the full power of the water.

Thanks to its flow rate of 2.5 gallons, this model uses just enough water to recreate the feel of rain without using too much water. The vibrant brushed nickel finish is a solid choice for most homes too.